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Grid Utility Construction Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian contracting company operating across Ontario. As a prime competitor in Ontario the company provides Construction services including, Project Management for Civil, Mechanical, and Structural construction to Commercial, Industrial, Large Residential, Utility and Government based clients. 

Grid Utility Construction Inc.  is committed to implementing innovative and cost-effective solutions to its customers’ requirements on time, on budget, and with safety foremost in mind. 


Grid Utility Construction Inc.  is a reputable and reliable contractor operating with integrity and loyalty to employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities we serve.

With Grid Utility Construction Inc. as your partner, you will work with a highly skilled and trained workforce. Grid Utility Construction Inc.  will provide a labour force whose selection is based on the required skills and level of expertise for the said project. This ensures that best practices and leading-edge methodologies are implemented for every contract with which we work. Our staff members continuously train and update their skills, providing our clients with expertise and knowledge in all areas of construction, maintenance, health and safety. 

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The result is a workforce with unparalleled knowledge and understanding of our clients’ requirements. 


With Single Source Accountability, Grid Utility Construction Inc.  ensures that all services assigned are provided in a prompt and effective manner. 


Our Commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment will always be paramount. Grid Utility Construction Inc. is committed to protecting their people, their property, and the environment, we will take all necessary steps to always provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. 

We are annual members of the DCA, BROWZ/Avetta, SafetySync and ISN and recognized for providing service excellence and quality firmly committed to your satisfaction as a client.


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